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The church of St. Sophia is in the square with the same name.

In ancient times this area was a court-yard – parvis delimited by a boundary wall. Outside there was a fountain dedicated to Pope Orsini, who realized it.

During the French occupation (1806/1815) the city governor Louis de Bees dedicated the square to Carlo Maurizio Talleyrand, Prince of Benevento. In the centre was erected the fountain surmounted by an obelisk dedicated to Talleyrand, too.

The square has also been named to Umberto I and Giacomo Matteotti.

Moreover, the square disposition, above all the paving, has undergone a lot of transformations.


  • FOTO 1 : Panorama of St. Sophia’s area (Longobard district "Trescene")
  • FOTO 2 : The campanile seen from the square
  • FOTO 3 : The campanile seen from Garibaldi Corso
  • FOTO 4 : Fountain detail with the church portal in the background
  • FOTO 5 : The square in a photo at the beginning of the century
  • FOTO 6 Disposition of the area in 1781
  • FOTO 7 : Disposition of the square in 1823
  • FOTO 8 : The ancient fountain dedicated to Pope Orsini


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