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Next to the church there is the Museum of Sannio, placed in the monumental building of the Abbey.

In the centre there is the beautiful Romanic cloister which John IV, Abbot from 1141 to 1177, realized.

The cloister has a window with three lights and 15 windows with four lights, with 47 columns surmounted by a capital and a dosseret.

In the museum there are finds of different ages, collected in various showrooms. Among them we remember:

the Samnite Room;

the Room of Isis, with the furniture of the Temple dedicated to the "Lady of Benevento" (Benevento has the biggest group of Egyptian sculptures never found outside Egypt);

the Room of Trajan, with the statues of the Emperor and his wife Plotina;

the Rooms of Minor Longobardia.

The Museum of Sannio is also lodged in other two monumental places: the 14th-century Fortress of Rectors with the historical section, and the Longobard Church of "Sant’Ilario a Port’Aurea", turned into Museum of Trajan’s Arch.



  • FOTO 1 : A view of the Romanic cloister
  • FOTO 2 : A distinctive column of the cloister
  • FOTO 3 : Dosseret and capital of a column
  • FOTO 4 : Detail of a dosseret
  • FOTO 5 : Bas-relief of the Samnite Gladiator ( I centh. A.C.)
  • FOTO 6 : Domitian in Egyptian clothes (I centh. A.C.)
  • FOTO 7 : Dancing of the Witches by Pericle Fazzini
  • FOTO 8 : The Fortress of Rectors with the annexed Governors’ palace
  • FOTO 9 : The Fortress of Rectors seen from Castello Square
  • FOTO 10 : The Church of "Sant’Ilario a Port’Aurea"


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